Reclaim Rubber - Uses and Reclamation Processes

Published: 09th July 2010
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With the rapidly growing rubber industry, rubber wastage is also increasing. However, the rubber industry has found the innovative way of making reclaim rubber and using them in a variety of applications. Reclaimed rubber is manufactured from waste rubber products like scrap tires and tubes. Reclaimed rubber is mostly used in making of tyres, rubber sheets, tiles, mats and tubeless tyres.

Uses of Reclaim Rubber

Reclaim rubber is used in different proportions for producing various rubber products. Application of reclaim rubber is seen in the making of following industrial products.
  • Automotive Tires
  • Bicycle Tires
  • Tire Flaps
  • Battery Containers
  • Shoe Soles
  • V Belts & Conveyor Belts
  • Different types & sizes of Mats
  • Rubber Sheets
  • Extruded & Molded Rubber Goods
  • Butyl Inner Tubes
  • Tire Inner Liners
  • Adhesives
  • Cable Compound
  • Sound Dampers
  • Cycle Tubes
  • Two, three & four wheeler Auto Tubes
  • Automobil Parts

Reclaim Rubber Manufacturing Processes

There are a number of manufacturing processes for reclaim rubber. These include:

Thermal processes for reclaim rubber
  • Heater or pan process
  • Digester process
  • Alkaline process
  • Neutral process
  • High-pressure steam process
  • Engelke process
  • Continuous steam process

Thermo-mechanical processes for reclaim rubber
  • High-speed mixing
  • Reclaimator process

Mechano-chemical methods for reclaim rubber
  • Trelleborg cold reclaiming (TCR) process
  • De-Link process
  • Swelling in benzene with a sulfoxide

Microwave recycling for reclaim rubber

Ultrasound recycling for reclaim rubber

Selective scission of cross links by chemical probes for reclaim rubber
  • Comparison of chemical probes and reclaiming
  • Other chemical methods
Biotechnological processes for reclaiming of rubber

Devulcanization in supercritical carbon dioxide for reclaim rubber

The most widely used rubber reclamation process includes shredding of tires and other rubber wastes to suitable size with the help of tyre shredder and other reclaim rubber machinery. The fibers are then mechanically removed from the cracked tires. Comparatively fiber-free scrap is ground to finer mesh size and further mixed with chemical agents in a reclaimator which is again a reclaim rubber machinery. The temperature in the reclaimator is kept in the range of 204-260 C for the desirable time for de-vulcanization. Reclaimed material is then mixed and blended with small proportions of reinforcing and processing agents.

Reclaim rubber machines work differently. Know about different reclaim rubber machinery and other information related to them. Those dealing in reclaim rubber can also find reclaim rubber machinery suppliers.

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