Tips on Outdoor Tile Selection

Published: 10th June 2010
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Tiles have come to occupy one of the most important part of home construction as well as for office and home decoration. Not only interiors but the exteriors of our homes too are now decorated with the use of outdoor tiles of different kinds. However, one must always accept the fact that outdoor tile has to be selected with great care. It needs an understanding of climate as well as other characteristics of tiles that will determine how long your tiles are there with you!

As the outdoor tiles of garden, patios, and driveways etc. have to withstand harsh climatic conditions, the selection of improper materials or wrong way of installing outdoor tiles can lead to cracked tiles in just one season. Here are some tips to consider when selecting outdoor tile for home and office.

Consider Climate when Selecting Outdoor Tile

Whenever you decide to install outdoor tile for patio, garden walkway or driveway, consider the overall climatic conditions of your place. If it is warm for most parts of the year and your outdoor tiles will not be subject to frost heaves or the freeze/thaw effect, you may go for any type of outdoor tile. Just keep in mind that some tiles will keep your home more cool than others. For example, if you are selecting roofing tiles then natural stones like slate tiles are anytime better for that natural cool comfort in hot weathers.

If your place experience frost or the ground in your locality freezes in the winter, you must select something that can withstand these 'climatic atrocities' such as natural outdoor slate tiles or vitrified tiles.

Consider Absorption Rate when Selecting Outdoor Tile

With so many outdoor tile options one is bound to get confused about what outdoor tile to select. However, whenever selecting outdoor tiles, you must inquire about its water absorption rate. Some outdoor tiles, especially the natural stone tiles like outdoor slate tiles have very low water absorption (even less than 1%) The lower water absorption rate ensures that the tiles would not crack during winters.

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